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Matthew Roller
9055 S 255 W

Sandy, UT 84070
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Offering Pettibon rehabilitation. We believe that adjusting alone is great, but adjusting plus rehab is better, each visit is around 45 minutes because we are going to help you rehabilitate your spine with exercises and machines. There will be things do do daily at home as well to maintain your progress. Initial x-rays are taken to determine if there is degeneration in your neck and the status of your curvatures, then at re-exam time we do a new set to see our progress. Our success isn't measured in how much pain you no longer have, its determined by your restoration of curvature which is a longer lasting success. Scoliosis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, nursemaids elbow, growing pains, sinus, ear pain, baby colic, headaches, migraines, seizures, knee pain, back pain? Yes we treat all of these things.

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