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Center For Facial Appearances
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Dr. John McCann
9350 South 150 East
Suite 400

Sandy, UT 84070
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  • Plastic Surgeon : Facial Plastic Surgery
The Center For Facial Appearances is a medical practice headed by Dr. John McCann, MD. We specialize in
cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and face. The most common problems we take care of on
the cosmetic side of the practice is facial aging. Thanks to many advances in medicine people live longer
healthier lives. Our patients often find themselves at an age where the are healthy and feel youthful but the
person in the mirror looks older than they feel. Even in young people the downwardly slanted or droopy
eyebrows can make one look stern or angry and the bags under the lids can make one look tired. We help
people have a face that looks more like they feel. So if your face looks old but you don't feel old we have
procedures that can address that. If you look stern, angry, or tired because of the position of the eyebrows or
the bags under the lids we have procedures that can help that.
Medical School:
University of Iowa
Residency Training:
University of California, San Francisco University of Utah

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